10 Easy Ways to Clear Your Skin

Making real attempts at achieving a blemish free skin, is one great thing you can do for yourself. Besides the fact that it could boost your everyday morale and increase your confidence, you’ll discover that it also makes people appreciate you more. However, getting that clear spotless and glowing skin is not always that easy- which is why such information as to how to get clear skin, has become so much relevant.

Now, experts agree that the ideal way to go on getting clear skin is to adopt the solutions that are firstly natural, then also relatively inexpensive. Note that, many people have had to spend so much on the supposed remedies for achieving a lasting skin glow- without any remarkable results to show for it. Sometimes, you just need to look beyond the many skin care products on the market and focus on some other methods that have proved to be more effective.

The following are ten compelling ways on how to get clear skin, which you also would find useful:

  •  Drink a lot of water every day

If you’re looking for a simple- yet effective method on how to get clear skin, then you probably should add this method to your lists. Adequate water circulation through the skin keeps it well hydrated and in proper form. It also helps to remove body waste materials that may want to clog up the skin pores.

  • Adopt a regular skin washing practice

The skin is so exposed to different things like smoke, dust, dirty water and air, etcetera. Consequently, one of the best ways to compensate your skin for having to go through this lot is to bath and wash them regularly. This is a fundamental tip on how to get clear skin, and you may not get the results if you’re not adopting this (irrespective of the other inputs you have put in place).




  • Reduce your intake of greasy, oily foods

Did you know that those pimples on your skin, are partly as a result of huge oil deposits under them? Initially, the skin’s sebaceous glands produce a certain amount of oil on their own, so if you increase your oily food intakes, then you’ll make the oils come off as excess- in the form of pimples.

Instead of eating excess fried or naturally greasy foods, why not go for baked or less oily foods.



  • Cut down on the excess facial makeup

Although makeup is meant to make you appear better on your face, it could also be causing you some underlying adverse effects- if you don’t minimize their use. Some cosmetics have been found to potentially block the skin pores, hence preventing air passage through them, as well as preventing the waste excretions that usually should occur via the skin.

If you reduce your cosmetic applications to what is just sufficient, you could be preventing your skin from becoming rough and unhealthy.

  • Reduce your daily stress

Many people have not thought about the relationship between huge stress and acne formation. Indeed, excess stress levels on the body could be a cause of your own acne skin. Know that stress reliably triggers the production of acne predisposing hormones. Thus, if you discover that all efforts at maintaining a clear skin have seemed to fail, then you should take some time off your tedious activities and see the great response that your skin puts up.

  • Use your hands on your face less often

Analysts and experts on how to get clear skin, have hinted that our hands carry much more little bacteria that we’re conscious of. Thus, if you’re used to rubbing and scratching your face every now and then- with your hands, then you may, in fact, be the reason why your face has not turned out clear.

Don’t add to the bacteria load on your face, because many of the bacteria act on your skin- leaving small or big spots that you don’t need.

  • Add more vegetables and fruits to your meals

Vegetables and fruits are probably one of the most effective natural recipes for bringing the spark back to your skin. They’re a good source of antioxidants- which works to remove the free radical components that have been produced underneath the skin. These free radicals rapidly break down the skin, causing certain skin blemishes and even skin ageing.

Regular intake of the antioxidant source ensures that your body has enough supply to neutralize the effects of such debilitating free radicals.


  • Make a skin exfoliation schedule for yourself

If you want to have clear skin, then you need to remove the dead cells as they die, and allow the newer ones appear more. Accumulation of dead skin cells is not ideal since they’re also instrumental in terrible skin clog.

It is essential to fix a pretty regular exfoliation schedule with the professional, or you may, in fact, buy some DIY exfoliation kits for the home.

  • Step down on the sugar

Now, the excess sugar not only predisposes you to weight gain alone, as it also directly has its effects on your skin clearness and health.

Excess sugar diminishes the essential nutrients and minerals that function in ensuring that skin vitality is retained. The resultant effects are such symptoms as skin blotchiness and the more common acne. Hence, reducing your sugar intake may also be one of the sacrifices that you need to make.

  • Find a salicylic acid-based skin cleanser

This doesn’t have to be expensive before it works, so you can even go for the option with the least price. All you essentially need is the salicylic acid component, which is proven to be useful for significantly reducing or totally removing acne.

When using this, however, make sure you adopt a routine timetable to make it useful.



Irrespective of whatever method you’re adopting for achieving clear skin, the fundamental purpose should be to take care of the skin. Thus, the best practices for you, are expected to come with no side effects, or at most a significantly reduced one.